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Adult chat rooms basement

Some monsters that are normally aggressive in their original habitat, such as Edimmu, are not within the dungeon.Ripper Demons will not aggressively focus on the player if their health falls below 35% of their maximum if their souls are placed inside the dungeon.Build spots and rooms accommodate either large or small monsters. The two northern rooms hold both large and small monsters.To place a monster spawn, enter building mode from the front door of the Sunken Pyramid and then use the filled ushabti on one of the hotspots provided, similar to training Construction in a player-owned house.

To enter the dungeon, players are required to have 99 Slayer.The owner does not have to be in the dungeon in order for others to enter; players can enter another's slayer dungeon as long as they are on the same world and have the appropriate friend settings on.Ironman accounts cannot enter another player's dungeon. This includes wall beasts, Acheron mammoths and wyverns, due to their environment mechanics, as well as Lava strykewyrms.This does not apply to all aggressive monsters however, so it is unknown if this feature is intended or not.Placing automaton, muspah or nihil in the dungeon will randomly generate a variant of that monster.

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Monsters placed in these chambers will be the same as those found elsewhere.