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Trustify’s tool looks at the data from Adult Friend Finder to discover whether any of the more than 100 million users on its network matches the email of your partner.

If you do happen to use Trustify’s tool and find that your partner’s email was found, it’s important to note that it may not necessarily mean that he/she was cheating – other explanations could include a theft of your partner’s online identiy.

And, if I were one of the approximately 37 million users on its site, that would scare the shit out of me.

In May of this year, adult dating site Adult Friend Finder also faced a hacking of its user data.

The data was incredibly revealing, showing individuals’ sexual preferences and proclaimed relationship statuses, and was published online to the embarrassment of many – from a Washington police academy commander to an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employee.

Some of the polyester materials we use for Overlays are: Autotex Velvet; Autoflex EBG gloss; EBA Matte; Autotex XE Velvet for outdoor use; FR-60 Lexan Polycarbonate Gloss which is flame retardant.

3 Adhesive layers connect the layers of the “membrane stack” and also to the machine or equipment it will be mounted on.

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The usual construction is 6 layers with the top layer being a Graphic Overlay that forms the user-equipment interface.

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