Help updating reflect recent changes

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Help updating reflect recent changes

In December 2015, the Government took decisive action to make the tax system fairer.The Government’s first action was to raise taxes on the wealthiest one per cent, in order to cut taxes for the middle class.The Government will continue to crack down on these unfair practices to help ensure that all taxpayers pay their fair share.Budget 2017 will invest an additional 3.9 million over five years to prevent tax evasion and improve tax compliance.The Government intends to release a paper in the coming months setting out the nature of these issues in more detail as well as proposed policy responses.In addressing these issues, the Government will ensure that corporations that contribute to job creation and economic growth by actively investing in their business continue to benefit from a highly competitive tax regime. Ongoing legislative adjustments are needed to ensure that the rules are functioning as intended and that they do not result in some taxpayers paying less than their fair share.The commitment to tax fairness is what drives the Government to close loopholes and to ensure that no taxpayer is able to get a tax advantage at the expense of those who pay their fair share.Fairness is also what drives the Government to ensure that the CRA has the resources to enforce tax laws, and it motivates the Government to actively participate in global efforts that combat international tax evasion and avoidance.

Strategic planning is all about developing a strategy to achieve goals for a business and determining the details and tactics that will help you attain these aims.

Effective administration and enforcement of tax laws are also key factors in the fight to combat tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance, both at home and abroad.

Budget 2017 proposes a number of actions to strengthen the integrity of the tax system.

As described below, Budget 2017 takes important steps to further enhance fairness in the tax system and to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

Specifically, Budget 2017 takes action to: Fairness is essential to ensuring Canadians have confidence in their tax system.

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