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In the past, even if you had an annulment or divorce, they did not revoke your 13 Series Resident Visa.But, for the past few years, more and more, the BI has started revoking resident visas for those who are no longer married.And as final suggestion, I would always point this people to websites of foreigners (mostly Americans) who have been staying in the Philippines for a long time and enjoy being there.Websites like Phil or Mindanao are writing about how foreigners like them are able to live in the Philippines — I follow their blogs because I’m very interested in learning how this people are coping with day to day living in the Philippines and I’m totally amused knowing that they seem to be more knowledgeable than me about things in the Philippines.Of course I’m basing that on assumption that they are going to stay in their wife or girlfriends house outside of Manila or Cebu.If I base it in Bataan where my is when I’m there, my guesstimate is somewhat accurate in todays exchange rate.As I mentioned earlier in this article, your ability to get a Resident Visa (13 Series) is based on being Married to a Philippine Citizen (13A) or a former Philippine Citizen (13G).

No need to leave the country from time to time, no need to go to the Immigration office ever 2 months, etc.

I will discuss this Balikbayan stamp requirements probably in another post.

These mostly Canadian men inquirers usually have been in the Philippines once or twice, have been to some of the islands other than Manila and/or experienced staying in their wives or girlfriends province and totally fell in love how life was being lived in the country. Since re-discovering my native land through my visit in 2007 (first visit was 2004 after 8 years in Canada), I myself am trying to figure out a way so I can live in the Philippines again which I have discussed in this blog (here and here).

Anyway, going back to topic, most of the concern they tell me about is about real cost of living there.

I always say that as a guess, anywhere between 0 to 00 a month will be enough.

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The BI officials at the airport know about this, and it is very common now that if they see a 13 Series Visa holder returning from Guam they will ask if you are getting a divorce in Guam, and if you are, they will revoke your Resident Visa.

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