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The Hausa traders provided horses to the Nike which were used for rituals by the Igbo.Both the Aro and Hausa migrated back and forth to what is now the city of Enugu and were considered foreigners to the area.The first houses built in the area were in a temporary settlement consisting of Igbo traditional mud housing inhabited by a W. After the land acquisition by the British, Frederick Lugard, the Governor-General of Nigeria at the time, named the colliery built at the bottom of the Udi Hills Enugu Coal Camp to distinguish it from Enugwu Ngwo By 1916 parts of Enugu reserved for Europeans were set up by the colonial government.The area now known as the Government Reserved Area (GRA) became the European Quarters located north of the Ogbete River; alongside this was a section developed for African residents located south of the river.Enugu is also one of the filming locations for directors of the Nigerian movie industry, dubbed "Nollywood".Enugu's main airport is the Akanu Ibiam International Airport.The massacre that came to be known as "The Iva Valley Shooting" "Zikisim" was a post World War II movement that was created out of admiration for Nnamdi Azikiwe who was a prominent nationalist of the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC).The shooting was right after a period of unrest when miners were angered by the belief that their full pay was being held back by the colliery management, a belief that was pushed by the nationalist press.

The number of employed coal miners in Enugu grew from 6,000 (of mostly Udi men) in 1948 to 8,000 in 1958.

In 1900 the Southern Nigeria Protectorate was established by the colonial administration of the British Empire.

The discovery of coal by the colonialists led to the building of the Eastern Line railway to carry coal from the inland city to the port of Port Harcourt, a city created for this purpose located 151 miles (243 km) south of what was called Enugu Coal Camp.

Highlands surrounding Enugu for the most part are underlain by sandstone, while lowlands are underlain by shale.

Much of the escarpment stretching from Enugu to Orlu has been ravaged by soil and gully erosion.

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Europeans first arrived in the Enugu area in 1903 when the British/Australian geologist Albert Ernest Kitson led an exploration of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate to search for especially valued mineral resources under the supervision of the Imperial Institute, London.

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