Updating hacked psp

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Updating hacked psp

But if you want a permanent hack that doesn’t require the Fast Recovery app, then read on.

If you have a PSP-1000 or 2000, then go to Method 1 (and then check if you need to use Method 2). If you have a PSP Street then this you are out of luck for now, you have to stick with the temporary CFW and the Fast Recovery app.

If you have a PSP-2000 please first download PSPIdent, extract the PSPIdent folder to your PSPGAME directory, and run it.

It will tell you which motherboard revision you have. Copy the CIPL_Flasher folder from the CFW download into your PSPGAME folder and run the application. Now you can turn your PSP off whenever you want and the CFW will still be intact next time you power it back on again. You can now delete the CIPL_Flasher folder from your memory card.

MFC, copy this file into the FLASHER folder on your memory card and now run the Flasher application from your PSP. You are technically still running the OFW at this stage, just a compromised version of it, so now you’ll need to reinstall the CFW just as you did in the Once that’s installed download the Infinity Configuration folder from Davee’s website, then unpack and copy the files within into your PSPGAME folder.

Although it was only released in Japan so far, it installs normally on US PSP systems." This version apparently breaks all hacks so far too.

You can read about it here, It is compatible with ALL fat models, and the Slim models list on the product page.

The latest OFW from Sony is 6.61 (as of March 2016), but we will update only to 6.60 as (apparently) the CFW for 6.60 has better compatibility with homebrew applications and themes.

Download OFW 6.60 here and extract it onto the root of your memory card, choose to merge the folders if necessary and you should end up with an EBOOT. Run the 6.60 updater from your PSP and let it do its work.

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Clicking the picture will take you to an excellent resource listing all the different motherboard revisions and what CFW they are compatible with.

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