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Extract the value of the field and for use in the next stage.

Your application needs to exchange the authorization code, extracted in the previous stage, for an OAuth access token to make API requests.

The user is not redirected back to your application.

Your application should report the authorization failure to the user, explain why an error may have occurred and suggest possible solutions.

You can check or change the redirection URL of your application using the My Applications page in the Mendeley Developer Portal. be included in all requests to protect against Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.

Once the user has authorized, they are redirected to the page specified in the request's match the value your application supplied in the URL creation step to protect against CSRF attacks.

Your application now has an authorization code but this can not be used to authorize API requests: the code must be exchanged for an access token.

A successful response from the code exchange request in the previous stage is JSON format data containing the access token.

Your application parses the JSON to extract the OAuth access token.

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