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So that means, you have a group of former Marines who are forced to wonder what has made them sick.– knowing they share at least one common thread: they all lived at Camp Lejeune for a period of time, and drank the water. they say they want the Marine Corps to help them figure out what made them so sick - with such a rare disease for men.They subsequently asked me if I would do a genetic test to see if I had a mutant gene.I do, and I have a son which is the main reason I took the test so he could at least get tested if he wanted to know.

My son was a Marine at the base during the years that are in question.

And I have one final question for the Marine Corps: Is there anything more you can do to help these former Marines, or children of Marines, uncover why they are so sick?

If you had the chance, and had only one question, what would you ask?

Sometimes stories raise more questions than answers, leaving uncertainty above all else.

One example - my recent story on former Marines who now have male breast cancer, and worry their very rare illness was caused by time spent at Camp Lejeune.

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