Who is soldier boy dating

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UN peackeepers have been monitoring a 1974 ceasefire between Israel and Syria on the Golan Heights.Hundreds of UN troops withdrew from the Syrian-held side of the Golan to the Israeli-occupied sector in September 2014 after Al Qaeda-linked rebels kidnapped dozens of peacekeepers.Looking back, the family sees Sean where they left him before running - he's in tears after getting a first glance at his returning dad.

The army said the young boy was throwing stones at Israeli troops.His son said he was a "forthright fellow" who "stood against authority".The little boy who froze with emotion when his soldier father returned home had forgotten what he looked like and even asked a stranger 'Are you my daddy? Sean Gavagan's reaction to his father's return to Dublin, Ireland after a six-month tour of duty went viral last week as video captured the two-year-old standing stock still and dropping his head in disbelief when his dad appears.reports an Israeli army statement said: "The youth who was photographed was identified by the lookout force as a stone-thrower, and because of this it was decided to detain him."At the time of the arrest, a violent provocation by a number of Palestinians developed, including women and children.A military father returning home to Ireland was greeted with excitement as his young daughter ran over to him shouting, 'Daddy, Daddy!

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